Editorial Guidelines

Welcome to Dishwashergenie.com! I have designed this editorial guideline to ensure the content quality and relevance from the user’s point of view. Most of the users of this site are dishwasher owners or appliance shop owners. Here is an editorial guideline that I follow for publishing posts on my website.

1. High quality 

With a clear mindset of helping the users, I ensure writing high-quality content that is worth the time users spend reading it. I write unique information about that topic that other sites are missing or not covering.

2. User Friendly

I write content that is helpful for the users, not self-promotional. I always use clear and concise sentences in my posts so that users can easily understand the information. In addition to this, I also try to keep the content informative and engaging at the same time. 

3. Correct Information

To avoid misleading information, I verify my contents with the facts and always recheck for any spelling or grammatical mistakes.

3. Formatting

I Use headers and sub-headers to break up your posts and keep the paragraphs short. Mostly, I avoid exceeding 5-6 sentences in one section.

4. Links

My main goal is to fulfill the user intent. So, I always link to the other content that is relevant and provides the correct value for the users.

5. Images

I use images to break up the text of the content and make it more understandable for the user. All the pictures that I use are relevant for that post and demonstrate the text in a better way.

6. Comment and feedback

To answer the queries and get feedback from my users, I have provided a comment section in each of my posts. There, users can easily interact with me and solve any of their doubts.

7. SEO

I do follow some SEO practices like keyword research to optimize my content. After that, I integrate those keywords into my content. I also optimize my titles, meta descriptions, and headings for search engine optimization.

8. Promotion

After publishing the article, I promote it on different social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I love to do this, as it helps to spread my post to the people who need this information.